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Welcome to Fly Chaos

Hi, I’m Io. I am thirty-something years old, a solo traveler. I created this site for those who begin your first solo travel. I’m not a native English speaker. Please don’t be so hard for me that you find mistakes. Thank you!

Fly Chaos

Solo Travel to Meet Yourself

Solo trips and round-the-world trips are now booming, and airfares are getting cheaper. You may like a trip with somebody very close but you should like traveling alone. It’s all up to you. It would be hard sometimes but more freedom. I’m sure you can see yourself with different eyes.

You can eat anything and sleep anytime. You can visit local places where nobody knows, or take a break at a cafe, or not go sightseeing.

It All Started from an Ordinary Trip

I started traveling alone when I went to Bali for 6 nights at 33 years old. I was stumbling over my life at that time. So then, I booked it through a travel agency because it was my first trip alone. A Japanese-speaking local guide picked me up at the airport. I stayed at three-star hotels in Sanur and Ubud, the beach and the forest – two different places. I had nothing scary to travel. The same guide drove me to the hotels. It was an ordinary trip. But Bali saved me. I was recovered by just physically moving away from home.

The tropical air, geckos singing on the ceiling the sunrise by sea, deep forest, rain, the moss, People who pray to Bali Hinduism, waking up by a chicken call, meeting other travelers

The trip gave me the courage to go forward. I know it’s cheap and easy to arrange airfares and lodging to plan on my own since then. I have visited Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia again and last year traveled to Europe and the Caucasus, 16 countries for now.

Hope You Get Some Inspiration

I created this site to encourage others to travel alone for the first time. That is, I learned to travel better as I traveled many times. I want to share tips for saving money on travel in planning a trip booking air tickets and finding accommodation, exchanging money, packing the luggage and so on. I hope you get some inspiration.


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