How Beginner Backpackers Find the Hostel

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How Beginner Backpackers find the hostel?
I want to choose the best budget hostel on the Booking sites.

If you are a beginner backpacker and don’t know how to find a nice hostel, the article will help you. Finding a nice hostel is an important element for the success of your trip. I will show you 3 easy tips to find the best budget hostel. Also, I will show you the worldwide booking sites to find great accommodation. In these hotel booking sites, you can narrow down the budget, location, and facilities to find hostels that meet your requirements.

Beginner Backpackers accommodation

3 Tips for Beginner Backpackers to Find The Hostel

1. Read Reviews of Guests

First, be sure to check reviews of guests, room photos, and maps. Each hostel/hotel is given up to 10 points depending on the satisfaction of the guests who have stayed. You should avoid hostels with very low scores. I usually choose 7 points or more. The reviews of guests who actually stayed would be the best references for your choice. Be sure to read the reviews. They help you know the atmosphere of a hostel and to judge whether it is suitable for you.

2. Looking at Photos

Second, looking at photos of the room is especially important for dormitory hostels. Dormitory hostels are good to save money, stay long and communicate with other travelers. For instance, look at whether each bed has a curtain, whether the room has enough space, and whether it is bright or dark with windows. In my case, I do care about if it has curtains because I can keep privacy as well and sleep well. When they don’t have curtains, I use my towel as well.

3. Check The Map

Third, check the map. Is it on a street or an alley? See how far you are to the nearest station. For one thing, it’s easy to find but sometimes noisy if the hostel faces the street. It is quiet in the back alleys, the roads are dark to walk at night. After getting out of an airport and going to your hostel will be the first adventure of your trip. Please check the access from the airport carefully. You are not going to lose with heavy luggage.

Does Breakfast Include or Not?

Beginner Backpackers Kitchen
The kitchen at a hostel in Kuala Lumpur

I’d like to mention about breakfast. Sometimes it is included in the price or can be added later or there are hostels that breakfast is not provided. While traveling alone in Southeast Asia, I have stayed only a few hotels with breakfast. However, it is not inconvenient at all. Generally, they provide coffee and tea for free. I prefer to go to the morning market to buy breakfast or to eat street food. Moreover, they have kitchens and fridges in hostels so if you want to cook on the budget travel, you can choose a hostel with a kitchen.

World Wide Booking Sites for Beginner Backpackers

I use almost 80% to book accommodation. They have also an app. You can sort by price, number of stars, good rating, and many reviews of people who have actually stayed so it’s easy to find suitable accommodation for you. You can get 10-15% discounts if you become a Genius member. To become a Genius member, you need to book and stay 5 times on


Agoda is easier to check photos than, I think. Check out Agoda If you don’t get it on


It is the incredible site you can compare the same rooms of various booking sites. The price varies depending on booking sites even in the same room so I recommend to use it wisely.


If you’re interested in staying not a hotel or hostel for a change, Airbnb is the best way to find unique accommodations. Airbnb is a super site when you search for a long-term stay, stay with more than one person, or a private reserved stay. There’s no hassle about check-in/check-out. My favorite thing about Airbnb is everything is done through an online payment. Be sure to look for conscientious hosts and read the reviews as well.

Trusted Housesitters

This is also an interesting site where you can search for hosts looking for pet sitters while they are away. It costs money to register for the first time. Some people don’t want their pets alone when they are away from home. It’s is important to let hosts know how much you can be trusted. You can freely use the house as long as you look after their pets – not only cats and dogs, You can also save money the accommodation fee and may experience the usual living of the locals. I have tried to use it several times but it was difficult to adjust the schedule with hosts so I haven’t reached a deal. I’d like to use it next time. I will introduce apps that would help you travel in addition. I recommend you to download it at home.


3 tips for how beginner backpackers find the great hostel are

  • Read Reviews of Guests
  • Look at Photos
  • Check the Map
  • Know if they offer breakfast or not

I hope you hit a hostel and enjoy your backpacking trip by using amazing booking sites.

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