How to Find Cheap Flights with “Explore” and “Anywhere” on Skyscanner

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How can I get cheap flights on Skyscanner?

I will show you the easy way to find cheap flights with “Explore” and “Anywhere” on Skyscanner. It helps you save money. “Explore” and “Anywhere” on Skyscanner bring you to find cheaper flights with flexible dates. If you don’t have the specific dates to travel, please try this.

What I Like

  • Easy to search flights, compare and connect to the booking sites.
  • They cover almost all airlines and LCC.
  • Easy to filter – by day, time, airfare company, etc.
  • Alert works well. You can get e-mails when the price increases or decreases.
  • Compering with similar sites, the cheapest prices come very well.

What I Don’t Like

  • Sometimes the cheapest prices are fake.
  • They take you to the sites selling the impossible flights to transfer. When you book connecting flights, you should be careful if you have enough time to transfer. If you have only 1 hour to do so, it’s impossible to catch the next flight but they sell the flights together. I recommend you to have at least 3 hours to transfer, especially you don’t familiar with the airport.

Now that I will explain with the images of the Skyscanner app.

How to Use “Exprole” and “Anywhere” on Skyscanner

First, click “Explore“. Second, “Explore Everywhere“.

Explore and Anywhere on Skyscanner 1

In this case, I will depart from London to Everywhere in March as an example.

Explore and Anywhere on Skyscanner 2

Then you find a list of the countries from the lowest prices. Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Lithuania, Spain, Germany and so on. In this case, I will choose Spain as an example.

Explore and Anywhere on Skyscanner 3

You find the name of the cities with the lowest prices. Now I choose Valencia as an example.

Explore and Anywhere on Skyscanner 4

You find many options. From here, you can figure when to fly and how long to stay. Now I choose the last one flights from London to Valencia on Apr 22 to Apr 29 as an example.

Explore and Anywhere on Skyscanner 5

You find other options filtering by time, airfare companies and non-stop flights.

Explore and Anywhere on Skyscanner 6

I will choose the flights. The first one is outboard and the second one is returned.

Explore and Anywhere on Skyscanner 7

By clicking “See Details” you can read the details of the flights. If you are ok with these, click “Continue Booking“. They will take you to the ticket sites.

Explore and Anywhere on Skyscanner 8

You find the options of the ticket sites. After clicking “Go to Site“, you will suppose to book tickets online.

Get Started Right Now

I hope you succeed in finding flights and have a nice holiday.

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