Flights from Dubai to Kannur, Kerala India for $244 by GoAir

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Get cheap flights from Dubai to Kannur, Kerala India for $244 by GoAir in May. Book the tickets at the best price.

The Charm and the History of Kerala

Kerala, located in the southernmost part of India, is an elongated state with the Arabian Sea in front and the Western Ghats in the north and south. It has a mild climate with a maximum temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius and a minimum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The monsoon causes a lot of rain to make the cities full of water with many canals. The central city of Kerala is Kochi. It prospered for a long time in trade with China and Arabic countries, but was ruled by Portugal and the Netherlands after the 16th century, and then by the United Kingdom until after World War II. Therefore, the cityscape is European, creating a calm landscape different from other cities in India with the greenery of palm forests.

Flights from Dubai to Kannur

GoAir is the largest airline in India headquartered in Mumbai, India. The low-cost carrier operates over 230 flights each day, covers 28 destinations including 24 domestic and 4 international destinations.

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Dubai – Kannur – Dubai

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May 2020

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May 3 – May 19

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Where to Stay in Kannur

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