The Attraction of Long-Distance Bus Travel in Southeast Asia

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If you are looking for what to do on your travel, long-distance bus travel in Southeast Asia is one of the wonderful ways to explore between town to town. You can feel like you are a real traveler. In this article, I will talk about the charm of long-distance bus travel.

Long distance bus travel in Southeast Asia

Explore by Long-Distance Bus in Southeast Asia

Do you want to go on long-distance bus travel? I’m sure it will be an unforgettable journey for you. Singularly, the attraction of long-distance bus travel is that you can travel easily between cities, cheap, fast (sometimes slower…). You can meet the locals and other travelers, and encounter things you can’t imagine in your own country. Everything you see looks sparkling when you think that it will never come again. Long-distance coaches have their own bus terminals that connect the various places.

For one thing, Rome2Rio and Omio are dreamy sites that will tell you various directions and distances when you enter the starting point and destination. they help you plan your trip. You can book a ticket linked to the bus company sites and railway company sites.

How to Take a Long-Distance Bus

Please get the latest information locally. Following this, you will find out about the departure time, fare at the bus terminal. The site of the bus company and the blog of travelers will also be helpful. I have booked a bus ticket online in advance, bought at the bus office, and went directly without booking. It depends. It is not difficult. You will have an exciting bus trip.

Long Distance Bus Travel Indonesia
Never forget the hardest and funniest trip with Indonesian

Examples of My Bus Travel

  • Kuala Lumpur to World Heritage town Melaka in Malaysia
  • Kuala Terengganu to Alor Star in a night bus in Malaysia
  • Hat Yai to Surat Thani in south Thailand
  • Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in international bus
  • Bali to Java crossing the strait in Indonesia
  • Hanoi to Halong Bay in Vietnam
Long Distance Bust Malaysia
Night bus from Kuala Terengganu to Alor Setar
Long Distance Bus Travel Thailand
I hated the TV on the Bus in Thailand

Some buses are quite new with comfortable seats and free WIFI. Some are worn out. Be sure to take a fleece, blanket, or winter clothing as the air conditioning is too strong. For example, a bottle of water can be served. Also, it’s good to take some drinks, lunch, snacks, and sweets. You will have a break time for breakfast for the midnight bus. Many bus drivers drive rough and fast but you will get used to it soon.

Items to Travel Better in Long-Distance Bus


In short, I hope you have fun with the long-distance bus travel to feel the wind of Asia.

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